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White rhino slang

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Some mboobiesage, some hand holding, and other activities, like.

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Top definition. White Rhino drugs.

Strain of high quality marijuana. A high quality and powerful strain of marijuana. The plants tend to be mid to short sized, with bushy leaves and resinous buds.

Due to it's high white rhino slang of THC tetrahydrocannabinol ,the White Rhino is very common for medicinal uses. A very high quality breed of cannibus sativavery expensive because you only need a few hits until you get p.

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White Rhino unknown. A drunk chick, usually large rrhino size. White rhino slang a drunken state will rush you at the end of the night like a Rhino charging on the African Savanna.

Whihe typically in a drunken white rhino slang you don't realize you're about to be taken advantage of. Happens frequently at the Flight Lounge. Damn look out here comes the White Rhino, it must be closing time. Scatter boys!!!!!!

They were challenging meet local singles Stewartville to a dual, and i rhlno to compete. The day was a battle white rhino slang of some kind and rhimo had to defeat many things like Talking to all my teachers only 20 minutes after i toked the shit, and smoking a joint at lunch that same day, i wasnt sure i could handle them but i did and i white rhino slang over white rhinoso what i want next is some white widow i think it might defeat me, if i had another stoner day type thing going.

Do you think going down on a chick is some type of dry experience? You force her head down and punch her in the stomach.

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Forcing all your man yogurt out her nostrils. Also refered to as the ivory fountain.

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