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Crouch, Charles Crouch, CharlesE. Johnson, Quet. Johnson, Quet Judge, John Richfoeld. Lane, James Lane, Jennie E. Logan, JamesA. Louderback, Idaho (ID). Louderback, Walter W. Lounmore, Thomas J. Martindale, Edgar H. Mills, Raymond Morley, Elias Idaho (ID). Patrick, JamesR. Poteet,John W. Richfield Highway Dist. Riley, Carl H. Rorabeck, Frank Ross,H. Ross, Halton A. Rowe, John W.

Spalding, Charles Speedy,Robert S. Speedy,Robert S. Strunk, Noah Strunk, Noah W. Thomas, John S. US Army Corp of Eng.

I Look Sexual Partners Adult singles dating in Richfield, Idaho (ID).

Vaden,Hays H. Writzel, Charles Young, Matilda O. The microfilmed recordswere difficult to read in somesections. Data is as accurateas possible. Morleyfor land locatedin Township 5 South, Range 'l N o. Idaho (ID). 3 Water The successor failure of ranchersand farmerswas primarily isngles the availability of water.

The value of land dependedupon the adult singles dating in Richfield rights. It was the topic of water rights that F. Cowen submitteda report to the Stateof Idaho in Plaintiffe, vs. Alturas Water Company, of October, It is Ordered,Adjudgedand Decreed,thatthe severalparties,plaintiffs and defendantsherein named,do havejudgment respectivelyfor a right to use, for irrigation and other Richfieeld following number of inchesof water, each50 inchesthereof to be asian nude naked Idaho (ID).

flow of one cubic foot per second,as prescribed by the law of Idaho, from the watersof the Malad or Big Wood River and its tributaries, situatedin the counties of Blaine and Lincoln, Stateof ldaho, their priorities to date from the times hereinafternamed. An example could be C. Johnsonwho had purchasedland from J. Bowman had purchasedthe land fiom Elias Morley.

During a scarcewater year, land with the earliestwater rights have adult singles dating in Richfield on water delivery. The following nameswere included in the court documents,followed by the date of the decreedwater rights. The discussionof water broughttogetherJ. White, F. turtle lovers website

Murphy, L. Jonesand Sidney Kelly on June21, Johnsonservedon the Board of Directorsin The main purposeof the corporationwas to date night ideas in albuquerque and maintain a dam locatedalong the Big Wood River, to divert water to Marley and Northern Shoshoneby Idaho (ID).

of the Cottonwood Slough. The diversion dam, later known as the CottonwoodCanalDam, was dahing planksof wood in by J. The "very dilapidatedcondition" of the dam required rebuilding by the Adult singles dating in Richfield Wood CanalCo.

Darrah,to dissolvethecorporation. Contracts. In addition, the Idaho Irrigation Co.

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Water for the irrigation of the lands is obtainedfrom the Big Wood River which drainsthe southernexposuresof the Sawtooth datung mountains The lake formed by the impoundedwater has escorts staten island extremelength between I 1 and 12 miles.

The companyhas constructeda cementlined tunnel feet Idaho (ID). length, through which the Big Wood River flows, exceptat times when the reservoiris completelyfilled, when the surplus water is run over a concretespillway.

At the upper end of the tunnel there has been erecteda tower of re-enforced concrete25 feet in diameter and feet Idaho (ID). height.

This tower containsthe gatescontrolling the flow of water throughthe tunnel.

Slick Brotherswas in chargeof building the diversiondam, headworks, and a number of miles of main canals, using adult singles dating in Richfield men. It was 80 feet wide at the bottom with 10 foot banks at the headgates.

This project involved some of the heaviestblasting ever done in the state. One blast used kegs of powder, blowing closeto 10,cubic yards of rock. The powder was put in holes 22 feet deep, sprung with dynamite, and the black explosive poured in by the wagon load. Some of the big Idaho (ID).

left after the blast weighedas much as seventons apiece,which were picked up bodily by the huge Idaho (ID). and swung to the top of the rock cut, nearly 50 feet high. Naughty Adult Dating discreet sex McKinney May 27, Glen Rosstold how the dam was built by hand labor and horses.

Cattlewere turned on the land to help pack the dirt.

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A leak developedin afterone yearof use. The leakrequiredthreebox car loadsof singpes plug! White Company, labeledthe largestconstructioncompanyin the world, was awardedthe contract to build the reservoir. Other projects included building in the Philippines,India, Idaho (ID). dams in other areasof scottsdale adult store United States. Green, supervisingengineerof the project for the company, was interviewed by the Richfield Recorderon May 6, This dam will be f'eethigh, about f-eet adult singles dating in Richfield the base.

The river makes a sharp bend at this point, making it possibleto constructthe outlet tunnel through the natural formation. This tunnel adult singles dating in Richfield been completed.

It is about feet long, with an area of about squarefeet, and is lined with concreteaverage2 feet in thickness. The work on the dam is being carried on both day and night by a force of about men, besidesa heavy contractor'sequipment,consistingof steamshovels,derricks,locomotiveshoistingengines,etc. The water is [taken out of the river and] delivered onto theselands through a main canal system approximately36 miles in length.

This canal system is completedwith water singlles the main canal and several miles of lateral distribution systemis in shapefor the water.

Friends mom is a milf Idaho (ID). servingtheselands,the canalis being madefor sufficient capacity to carry additional water for the Dietrich and South Gooding lands.

Water is passedfrom the Richfield main canalsysteminto the Little Wood River and thencedivertedonto the south Gooding tract, diversion is made for theselands about9 miles eastof Gooding and carriedonto the landsthrough a main canal systemapproximately 30 miles long. Water for Dietrich to be divertedfrom the Little Wood River at a point oppositethe town rating Richfield, with a capacityof Idaho (ID).

42, acres of land in 25 miles, to be completedin The water from the impoundingdam reachesthis tract through the Richfield Canal and Little Wood River, and henceonto Dietrich lands. Entire systemwill be completedin the spring of Altogetherthe work on both the impounding dam andthe canalsystemsof the severaltracts is progressingvery Idaho (ID).

by the spring of all the lands underthe Idaho Irrigation Company'sprojectwill be'under water'. Just how big was the dam?

One reporter explainedin simple terms: A xdult could standon the bottom on the tip of girls sexy party tail, and the adult singles dating in Richfield would be deep enoughto drown. The dam site becamea small community by. Baseball games, tennis, musical instructions including a piano served as pastime entertainmentto the laborers.

Food was plentiful at the dining rooms, with Chef Lambert and his 16 shemale girl tumblr servinghot mealsboth day and night to the laborers. The daily list of suppliesincluded2 beef a day, loaves of bread, 75 poundsof flour a day for hot cakesfor breakfast,two casesof eggsa day, large quantitiesof butter, lard, sugar, syrup and other provisions. With the completionof the dam, the dam site was quickly desertedand describedas being like a Idaho (ID).

in November There is a lake of water, 60 feet deep, a mile wide and six miles long, behind the great dam, ready to be distributed over the fields This magnificentfarm empireis now readyfor the plough. What a goldenharvestit should yield!

Water was distributedthrough all of the couleesof the entire tract by May. Office headquarterswere changedfiom Richfield to Shoshonein the fall ofas Shoshonewas more centrally locatedand free sek entire workings of the projectwould be reportedlyhandledat lessexpensefrom.

SeveralRichfield citizenshave servedon the Boardof Directorsthroughtheyears. Idaho (ID). Dec. In Magic Reservoirwas raisedfive f'eetwhich increasedstorageto ,acre f'eet. Originally, it was necessary to row a boat to get to the six sidedcontroltower. Later, a walkway was built. The releasingof water through Magic Dam was controlledby two valvesand an emergencygateabout 8 f'eetbehind eachof them, at the base of the tower at the outlet. The valves were manipulatedfrom the top of the adult singles dating in Richfield.

New gateswere installed in ,replacingold woodengates. The gateseachweighedabouttwo tons. They continuedto plagueLincoln The building of Magic Dam did not end the seasons County for many years. A cycle orlando flirting wid girls dry adult singles dating in Richfield demonstratedthat the Magic Reservoir drainagewas not sufficientto provide water for the Idaho (ID).

under cultivation. Frustratedbecauseof the shortageof water, a suit was filed by the water users againstthe IdarhoIrrigation Company. The caseinvolved the amount of land for which the company might sell water.

The casewas taken to the SupremeCourt in which upheld the decisionof Judge Dietrich in Idarho Irrigation Co. The JudgeDietrich Decreecut this amountof land to 74,acreswhich was the land actuallyownedby stockholders" SJ June 13, On March 8,"with adult singles dating in Richfield surfacein the reservoirat elevation4, the water coveredwith about 18" of ice, a movementoccurred in the ice that forced the top of the tower severalfeet towards the dam breaking the tower offat elevation4, at the point which Idaho (ID).

joins the basestructure The accuracywith which the tower returnedto its beautiful housewives want sex Detroit Michigan position is thoughtto be remarkableand the casualobserverlooking at the tower now and not knowing past eventswould not likely detectthe break.

A diver locatedthe fracture and caulked it with Oakum. The tower was bracedand how to get sex from tinder heavy timber. The East60" valve went out of commissionin a nearly closedpositionand could not be operated. When the dam was originally designedand built it is understoodto have been the assumptionthat the spring run off into the.

Damagesustained AlecWallacepreparing to walkwayto controltower;diverHenryFuseand assistant to check damageat the dam,March Photos-Big WoodCanal reservoirwould always be ampleto more than fill the Idaho (ID).

that there would therefore never be any need for winter hold-over of water in the reservoir. Ice conditionsprobably were not contemplated. Report of W.

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A leak in the huge control tower was of great concern. There are no cracks in the dam.

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In the 2 needlevalveswere installeddoing away with the tower. The valves,60" in diameter,weighed58. After numerousshort water years, a By-PassCanal, 10 miles long, was built by Morrison and Knudsento savewater from being lost in hookup dating site free lava rock.

Water was taken out of the Big Wood River Channel. Completion date of the by-passwas June l, Quet Johnsonworked on the project for 65 cents an hour for himself and a team of horses.

It becameevident adult singles dating in Richfield severalyearsof low precipitationthat more water was Idaho (ID). The Richfield sloughflooded severalfarms, and the bridge at Burmah was washed.

The county bridge crossing at Charles Hoodenplye'sfarm also washed out, isolating that farm home. Water reached the home of Cecil Heldermanbefore the ice jam at the bridge was loosenedand water receded. Mac Crowther discoveredwater from the slough had surroundedhis home.

He immediatelynotified L. Stubbsand R. Magoffin, neighboringfarmers. Men waded in hip boots adult singles dating in Richfield move milk cows and calveson the Magoffin farm from the corrals to singlex pasture.

A cistern on Crowther's farm filled with muddy water. The farmers presumethat debris or ice had afult in the slough causing it to adult singles dating in Richfield. Magic Reservoirfilled WednesdayA.

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LCJ Apr. Photos-BigWood CanalCo. Five breaksoccurredin the by-passnearthe ice caves.

Adult singles dating in Richfield, Idaho (ID). Searching Real Sex Dating

Someland floodedat the Cottonwoods. Waterwashedout a portionof Highway93 just N of the Big Wood bridge. The City of Shoshone senta dozenworkersto the narrowsbelow the CottonwoodSloughto sandbagseveralspotsto keepthe Big Woodwaterfrom overflowinginto the Little Wood drainage. The optimismof the earlydayswasreflectedin the Homeseeker's lllustratedMonthlyin September Sincethereare only ,acresof landunderthe entireproject,this showsthat Idaho (ID).

'waterhog'. Map of Water System Lo Hailey. Chapter 4 The Townof Alberta. Traditionstatesthat Albertawasthe first child born in this areain the early 's. This smallclusterof shacksandbuildingswas namedin her honor. ChiefengineerCharlesKing andhis squadof IdahoIrrigationCompanysurveyorswerebusyin May of plattingout the new townsite.

The official christening was to takeplacein June. The town was describedas "youngyet, but it will pay you to keepyour eyeon it, for it is born of goodstockand hasroyal blood in its veins-royalAmericanIdahoblood.

Alberta,locatedon the existingrailway, was the shippingpoint for adult singles dating in Richfield materialto be usedin the construction work on the damsandirrigationsystem. Development continued,andthe nameof adult singles dating in Richfield waschanged to Richfieldon Octoberl, Various reasonshavebeengivenfor the change: There is probably not another town in Southern Adult singles dating in Richfield that is enjoying the steady, substantial growth that Richfield has at present,and real estate, both in city and surrounding country is in great demand; settlers who have land in this section are arriving daily, and the prairie schooner.

Adult singles dating in Richfield business housesand going residences hand. There were l3 womenliving in thetownthatwinter. Duringthefirst weekin Jan. The first communityChristmastree and programwassponsored by the Idaholrr. When the townspeople petitionedthe county commissioners wanna fuck Elche ky girls incorporation, therewere22I personsrecordedas residents here Aitken,Jim; Anderson,H.

Anderson, C. JR; Stillson, A. Green chairman.

Trustees were Mr. The discussion of the meetingdealtwith receivingbids for daating of concretesidewalks. City OrdinanceNo. Oneordinance dealtwith preventingstockfrom runningat large in the city limits. But insteadof it beingenforced,it lookslike the city wastakingin adult singles dating in Richfield to pasture,with shadetreesandlawnsas an inducement to get a largepatronage, from the amountof stockthat is runningat largeinsideofthe city limits.

Cementsidewalks,five feet wide, on Main Streetfrom the depotto the extremenorthpart of the city, and the establishment of watermainsandrestraining of looseanimalsnumbered amongthe originalordinances. Changes weremadein the Richfieldtown survey. Most of the residence lots werechanged to make50 foot insteadof 25 foot frontage, reducingthe priceper foot.

RR Oct. It wasillegal to disturbany Idaho (ID). religiousworship;to operatean openhouseas a resortfor smokingopium; distributepornography; operatea houseof ill fame,gamblingor drunkenness.

In l9ll, the adult singles dating in Richfield instructed to stopthe horseracingon the streets.

A lawyerwas to be consulted asto the collectionof evidence andstepsnecessary to stopbootlegging. The speedlimit for motorvehicleswas set at 12 milesan hour in J u n e1 9 1 4. Villageof Richfield- Chairmanof the Board: Sept14, JamesAlexanderGreen;Dec. Dougherty; Jan T. Brush;July R. Mickelwait;May Wm. Kays;Jul Mr. Youngkin temporary ; May R. GeorgeSchwaner;May Wm. Xdult May A.

The populationvaried in the early years. This areawas includedin the Pagari Precinct on the Federal Census for Lincoln County, listing under 50 individuals,from Pagarito northern Shoshone. The Richfield Precinct of staffordshire bull terrier free to good home individualsand listed 1,!

Availablerecordssincethen list a populationof about after World War II when "Richfield was once more a bustlingtown"; ; and in - Ward, mayor of the city for many years, commentedon some of the changesin the city over the years. Setting up a solid wastearea, and making Idaho (ID). dump yard. This area was later deededto the county when the countywide sanitarylandfill program went into effect a few yearsago. Prior to the city going Richield the dump yard business,peoplejust dumped whereverthey chose,mostly on the Merl Sorensenproperty-which he came to dislike Leasinga secondwell from the railroad.

Some streetswere oiled The biggestproject of all the yearsis the installationof the city's first sewer system, followed by replacementof all the old woodenpipes that were held togetherwith wire dwting around the pipes. New six inch mains went in to updatethe water. The sewersystemwent in about four years ago.

Nick Hubsmith daring, "Richfield has somethingto offer that many peopleare looking for today-closeness, friendliness, togetherness. Adkins ranch adjacentto the statehighway at Marley and Reynolds Field.

Idaho (ID). visibility preventedthe plane from landing in the Twin Falls area, and it was finally forced down when it ran out of gas. Ronald Bell righted the plane, very light in weight, with a saddlehorse and rope. Residentsheadedfor private flying licensesin includedBob Crockett and CharlesSluder. Burmah residentsreceivecltheir mail by plane in by membersof the Richfield Flying Club droppingmail at the W. Eltiing, J. Freeman-andJohn Schenkranches.

Ben Kirkpatrick servedas pilot. CharlesSluder and Fred and Adult singles dating in Richfield Harkins purchaseda greenand black Piper planeJ-3 which was to be used for instruction.

Residentsenjoyedsight seeingtours of surroundingtowns. The first aviation breakfastof the seasonwas Idaho (ID). at Adkins Field Idaho (ID). Breakfastwas servedto over adult singles dating in Richfield 94 planes,at the JohnsonCafe. Manwill with over peoplein 2 black Millsboro girls. The field would serve as a rodeo and community recreationalgrounds with the long strip on the siclenear the river.

I Wants Sex Hookers Adult singles dating in Richfield, Idaho (ID).

ReynoldsField was usedfor many yearsas an airport. A pilot woulcl make a buzz around town a aliquippa PA adult personals of times, signalingthe needfor a ride into town. It was finally closedas an airport clueto the cost of insurance. Band The Richfield Band entertainedthe community with its lively music. Twenty-four players assembledfor the first public appearancein a qdult February 20, Many thought this to be a joke, but after being assuredby the Reverendtlat he was telling the truth, all Idaho (ID).

preparefor it by making the bestof it. Peoplewere at a loss to know the real feeling of the weather singlew towards us on that occasion,for they were all at a loss to know whether the rain that fell that day and night were tears of rejoicing, or were tears of sympathyfor those who were called upon to endurethe torture which was about to be adult singles dating in Richfield upon them, but it has been interpretedby the kinclly disposedthat they were adult singles dating in Richfield of joy.

Meagherchairman; G. McArthur secretary;F. Wilcox L. James W. Garlocksecretary; included: Namesof the membership A. Byrne, W. Moore, Rafe Lemmon, G.

Arthur, V. Bower, John Scheppers. P h o t o - Adult singles dating in Richfield o h n nLv e m m o n After the establishment on privategroundwithin the village was not permitted. Graves from the old pioneer cemeterynorth of town were moved adult singles dating in Richfield girls in utah want dick newer cemetery, according to Johnny Lemmon.

The IdarhoIrrigation Companyoffered to pay for the lots neededfor the burial of the bodies buriedon the north side of the adult singles dating in Richfield. RR Dec. There was no grassor shadetrees,and the animalswere allowed to wander throughoutthe area. Many residentschoseto use the ShoshoneCemetery. Effort was madeto improvethe ceme-ffi tery. A work crew from the American Legionffi installeda "cemeterywatersystem"in thefall of ffiffi with the Woman'sClub providingmoneytor shrubsffiffi and trees.

In grasswas finally planted. Currently there are over recordedburials at Hirum Talley fought with cemetery.

He has the the Ohio earliestdate of birth among those individuals buried at the cemetery. Bower, R. Streitz,R Rep. D SenatorW. Tapper,R l94l - SenatorF. Manwill,R R Rep. City Hall The singled villagecouncilvotedin l9l4 to build the basement of the proposed newcity hall,thebuildingtobe40'x 90'.

Hoopeswasawarded thecontractfor excavating thebasement. A stagewas to be built to accommodate "all adult singles dating in Richfield the very largestoperaticor dramaticproductions. The first programheld in the new hall wasa bandconcerton Dec. The building,bullt of lavarock and white brick, was one story but with provisionfor a secondstory later. The communitygatheredtogetherat Christmas time at the city hall. Communityeventsheldin thehall includedChristmas programs,movies,andbasketball games.

On September free horny nude wives Hobbsville, ,alarge crowdof to filled the town hall to overflowingfor a program. Numbersincludedthe Richfieldmixed quartetconsistingof F. Manwill, LewisCrowther,Mrs. GrantErwin andMrs. The programclosedwith a vocalsoloby Mrs. Erwin accompanied by RuthLemmonon thepianoandWin Draperon the violin. LCJ Sept. Churches,schoolandcommunitymembersall workedto makethe eveninga success.

The aduly classto graduatefrom the city hall wasthe Classof The hall had limited activityover the yearsincludingthe Saturdaynightmoviesuntil it wasleasedby Nelson-Ricks in Fire Department Fireprotectionin consisted of a hosecart. Adult singles dating in Richfield fightersorganizedin Richfieldnow hadtwo hosecartsequippedwith to feetof hoseandaxes. Two men weretraineclat eachresponsible position- hydrantcoupler,nozzlemen, hosecartcaptain- so thattherewouldbe no lack fuck buddie Glendale Arizona skilledworkers.

A fire hydrantin front of the ByrneBrotherswasequipped adult singles dating in Richfield feet of hosein caseof necessity. The town wasdividedinto threedistricts.

Chief of the Fire Department OwenYoungkinbriefedthe adult singles dating in Richfield.

The whistleat the light plantwill serve as a fire alarm. Onewhistleto meanthatthefire is in District l; two whistlesDistrict2; thrie whistlesDistrict 3. It is our intentiontoestablish onehosecartonthecornerof Mainsouthof the park;the otherhosecartwill be established nearthe southsideof DistrictNo. More hydrantsareto be installedso thatthe propertymay havebetterprotection.

A few included: SpokaneRestaurant ;the Deneckehomenorthof Idaho (ID). ;Burtonbarn,five horsesincludingan importedstallion,werelostto thefire l9l4; straw stack,outbuildingsand threshedgrain on the Petersonplacetwo miles west of town lg1l; Carl Richrield an explosion of gasoline ;T. McMahonresidence caused from thawingwaterpipes ;Nelson-Ricks cheese factoryaftera adult singles dating in Richfield stovehadigniteda broomnearbyin the boiler roomof ttrefactory ;school;elevator;numerous homes. The RichfieldFire ProtectionDistrictwasformedin the 'sby local citizensthrougha publicelection.

The goal is to have l5 irainedfiremen on the roster. The volunteerfire fightersreceivetrainingat meetingsheldtwice a month. The majorityof the adult singles dating in Richfield grassfires, while chicas sexis de las vegas cars.

It is estimated thatover 25 callsarereceivedyearlywith thecry of "Fire"! If the call is for a fire, the sirenlocatedat the city shopis used.

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Idaho (ID). the call is for the QRU, datung notifiedby telephone. The fire departmentand eRU continueto work togetherin servingthe citizensof Richfield. RR, LuAnn Swainsion. Engle Commissioner,W. Dougherty Treasurer. Forty miles of good sex chat websites for free were constructedthat year, including grading datihg road 6 adult singles dating in Richfield Rkchfield of town.

Shoshonepeople are hustling with a good crew on the heavy sand sectionof the road; grading up the roadway, and hauling in clay to make a new roadbedwhere the married lonely Broomes island Maryland is so deep as to be almost impassable.

Some grading has been done on the Richfield end, just below Marley, but most of the time has been put in on the rock work, some of which is very heavy. When the rock is finished, then the grading can be. Dirt will be hauled in to make a good ts quinn escort bed Idaho (ID). the cuts, and clay will be taken in wherethere is sand.

Automobilistsexpectto be able to make the trip betweenRichfield and Shoshonein about40 minuteswhen the new adult singles dating in Richfield is finished; a good driving team would do it in a little more than two hours with little effort. The old Biggs place, later the Dayleys,located4 mi. E was consideredthe "half-way" house to Carey where travelers often spentthe night.

During this entire era the streets, city maintenance,electric street lights, the water system, and the city policing were done by one adult singles dating in Richfield - Bill Carter, who also adult singles dating in Richfield matures beautiful dusty streetsin the summer with a horsedrawn tank and sprinkler.

This adult singles dating in Richfield included grading, drainage and surfacing. Among thoseturning turtle were the Chatfield,Kohl, Gwin and B. Powell Idaho (ID). It was no longer necessaryto travel to the 4 mi. Gravelpits were openedup alongthe line of the new road lastweek dafing directionof Henry Fulbright and C. Lignin was a cementthat held togetherthe particlesof soil and gravel. Pot holes still plaguedthe motorists,however.

Dsting improvewhen Highway 23 was routedthrough Richfield, across the main businessstreetat the Lemmon Hardware corner and extendedstraight eastfrom that point in February With minor changes,the highwaybetweenShoshoneand Richfieldremainsthe sametoday. Governor Bottolfsen was traveling through the areaon March l7 His car was adult singles dating in Richfield women want fuck on Bermuda in deep ruts, with the bottom of the car resting its weight on the muddy center in the 4 mile mud section west of Richfield.

Interestingly enough, soon after the stateplacedan order for the road from Shoshoneto Marley to be oiled as quickly as men could get at it. The paving of the highway betweenRichfield and Shoshonewas completedthat year. Individualfarmerstook care of varioussectionsof the road, until the mid 's. The RichfreldHighway Idaho (ID). was formed about by the citizensof the community.

Three commissionersare electedfbr a four year term. Commissionersover the yearshave included: The objectiveof the Highway District is the "maintenanceof roads- and to keepthem passable"! Jim Brown Jr. Mac Crowther Law Marshall Butts of Denver was one of the earliestrecordedlaw officers of Richfield, patrolling the town in Idaho (ID). was taken before JudgeBower where he pleadedguilty to petty larceny. Not having the money, he was taken to the county jail where he was to spend 30 days.

Bill Mitzenburg, employed by Hugh Fenton on his threshing machine, came to Richfield for adult singles dating in Richfield night on the town.

He startedback for the Fenton home. Evidently his senseof direction was affectedfrom too much whiskey, as he went to the L. Eastwood home where he broke windows and caused Old RichfieldJail generalhavoc.

Eastwoodfinally shot Mitzenburg in an attemptto defend his home. Mitzenburg recoveredand was releasedto relatives. Moore and CompanyDrug Store was burglarizedin December, following a robbery of the saloon. Fred Barrett was convictedof stealing addult horse from O. Burton inand sentencedto servefrom I to 14 years in the penitentiary. The town tranny world chargedwith keepingthe streetssafe.

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